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Why OptiTech Eyewear?

OptiTech Eyewear and Vision Clinic

-We have an amazing range of frames! Whether you prefer thin or thick frames, light or heavy, simple and plain, or fun and funky, we have them!

-We are the only optical in the Kitchener/Waterloo area with the latest technology in Digital Measurement System.

-At OptiTech Eyewear and Vision Clinic we strive to make a positive difference, treating each patient as an individual person, we provide one-on-one service, and focus on customer satisfaction. We truly customize glasses to the patient's specific needs; we fit glasses to correct visual anomalies helping our patients see better, and look great with our amazing frame selections. We are here for you, and will go that extra mile!

High Quality Frames

                 Light, flexible and durable frames available

Digital Lenses

Scratch resistant protection and anti Glare coating included.