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OptiTech Eyewear

Designer frames, small brand frames, safety frames, fashion frames, we have it all!

We carry multiple shapes, materials, colors and textures to chose from. Come try our frames on and you might fall in love with an amazing look you were not expecting! Full frame, half frame, or completely rimless frames, come in different materials like Zyl, acetate, berillyum, nylon, and titanium. With or without nose-pads, foldable temples or not, it is your choice! We also carry Safety eyewear.

At our optical, everyone in our staff is trained to properly use and read the measurements provided by our Digital Measurement System (Optikam) This system provides more accurate, digital measurements, and it is 100% personalized for each patient. In addition to the latest technology, we double check the measurements by hand, to ensure no mistakes are made in the production of our digital lenses. Which are checked once more in the lab.

We customize our lenses to the patient's specific needs and comfort. All our prescription lenses include scratch resistant protection and anti glare coating, unless otherwise specified. Our Scratch resistant protection is a coating that prevents minor scratches from damaging the lens, but does not completely avoid them if the glasses are misused or mistreated. The anti-glare coating helps reduce glare from strong lights and are quiet helpful while night driving.

We carry many degrees of lenses and treatments for every budget. From 1.5 to 1.74 and treatments like U.V PROTECTION, BLF (Blue Light Filter), tintings (complete or gradient), polarization, and photochromic (Transition) to an extra charge.

OptiTech Eyewear is the only Optical in the Kitchener Waterloo area, where BLUE LIGHT FILTER is available for all kind of prescriptions and optical materials. At OptiTech you can try your favourite frames on and have your picture taken, a take away photo card will be given to you to take back home and review your new look, while you ponder purchasing that very favourite frame. Show your friends and family what your new look is all about before you purchase.

Prescription contact lenses available. Contact lens fitting free with purchase.

Eye concerns started to originated from the amount of time people spend using electronic devices in our modern everyday lifestyles, and the eyestrain caused by them. Applying the Blue Light Filter technology to your prescription lenses, lessens the discomfort associated with such digital eyestrain. By blocking the blue light radiated by our many screens, we can also help prevent . It is highly recommended if you work in front of a computer most of the day.
Blue light concerns originate from electronic devices that are a part of our modern everyday lifestyle. Blue light is associated with eyestrain from digital devices. Applying blue light filter technology to every OptiTech prescription lens helps to lessen discomfort associated with digital eyestrain. By blocking blue light from entering our eyes we can help prevent eyestrain, early macular degeneration and depression of melatonin. OptiTech Eyewear is very concerned about health related issue brought on by today's technology. As eye care professionals, we offer our customers the best possible quality lenses in the optical industry.
IOT is digital technology that cuts the eye glass prescription right into the lens. This allows the eyeglass lens to sit closer to the eyeball, minimizing distortions. Click here to view video